The long night has finally been broken, and in the light of the days that follows humanity struggles to reassert a culture. Much of the land lays dead under the melt of snow, and the sparse vegetation that remains is sickly and starved.

Druids are the power in the land now, for their healing touch every royal and commoner demand. Too few are given the gift to raise the forests after the years of darkness.

The demons have fled, the dark elves sent back into their caves. Powerful magics lay mired in the putrid mud of battlefields…

The Great Circle of Ruling attempts to reclaim its hold on the broken dutchys and provinces – however the circle’s true leadership was from a shadow conclave of sorceresses and wizards – now dead.

The church of Iuz and Zugtomy – once fattened with followers hoping to stave of illnesses and seeking to sustain themselves on Zugtomy’s fungi are falling away. New religions (and false prophets) are riding the winds of change.

The elven nation lays shattered, rumors of corrupted elves flitter on dark wings. The Silvanesti’s cousin elves, the fabled High Elves have come on their fantastic living ships from far across the world sea – summoned by the Lost Paladin of Meliki.

Did he Survive?

Will the High Elves continue their ethic cleansing?

Will the death of Margett the ecomancer – beloved of Meliki, and her life gift of the Holy Mother Tree’s in the Demi-Human center of the town of Deception bring unity or be the cause of the next war?

What happened to the heroes at Tav Barrit? What of the Wheel of Night? What of the Spears?

Why do I ask questions you can’t answer – without joining in? Marketing.

This is a game based off a progressive set of house rules – more focused on skills than feats. The campaigns are epic, characters die, the world – for the moment in magic rich, but divination poor (ie. Clerics will have penalties that will be removed as the player converts more and more followers, through role playing; through inspirational deeds; and through the legend they build of themselves)

The world is based on some of Grayhawk’s infrastructure politically.

I’m looking for 5-8 players, offer simultaneous Online for those unable to attend in person.


Alonios 2nd level Ranger, Human & chocobo, Landen
Akarai 3rd level Ranger, Elf-like thing, Colin
Xou Ukinawa soon to be 4th level Druid, Human & Kick @$$ Chocobo Draith,Geran
Cass A SupanovaCass A.Supernova 2nd Bard, Ian Axis
Roustine “Ms.” Strange, sorceress supreme2nd level Sorcerer, Half-Elf, Spencer
Urrrrr Nuhrraghr 3rd Level Dwarven Fighter, Garret
Guru3rd Level Gnome Illusionist, Trey
“Old Man”, Human wretch .

Active Role Players

  • Spencer
  • Colin
  • Ian
  • Landen
  • Trey
  • Geran

NPC/Inactive Players
* 3 Chocobos * Dwarf (3rd)
* Human (overly amourous)
* Human …?... (?)

Effective Level of the Party is : 29

Deceased Characters
  1. Male Kender. Rogue of the 2nd level, Spencer, Given the Beat down by Xou, viciously murdered by a psychotic druid…
  2. Male Human. Fighter equivalent to 3rd level, Spencer, Slain by Xou and William(NPC)

The Job Board contains the following:

  1. Try their luck against a Wizards defenses … he’s happily asking for someone to steal from him ?!? It seems that he has infact STOLEN three weapons from some aristocrats who offer rewards for their heirloom’s return
  2. Find the Heir apparent that seems to have been taken.
  3. Contact (subtle wording for possibly destroy?) a band of creatures who are attacking all humans in the western mountains.
  4. Fend off some Bandit raids Fend off goblin attacks
  5. Join a attack party to seal and take the fight to the Derro
  6. Join the caravan heading South – now with % profit share
  7. Elves want to setup trade with disconnected elven nation And of course….
  8. Druid wanted
  9. Druid wanted 10. Druid wanted 11. Druid wanted 12. Druid wanted 13. Druid wanted (if only the Guild weren’t suck sticklers about getting their share)