William Olso – “the wretched”

Brought those he most wanted to respect him – and purchased supplies to start a village/safehold – the FURTHEST from Deception todate… which quickly floundered, bartering further shares of the crops to the Druid’s order, he ordered a Druid to confirm and bless the farm lands – and train those in the township on better farming practices in arid/barren soil.

However his Druid became the harvenger of his own doom… as the town quickly turned upon him and the woman he was courting turned to hate and tried to kill him.

He was able to escape and using his dagger’s special abilities healed his nearly mortal wounds to get distance from those who plotted his downfall.


FIGHTER 8, Rogue

STR 19+ DEX 16+ CON 19+


Carries a dagger in a hidden location on forearm Had magical Scale Mail and a Short Sword +3 – both destroyed by recent party actions

Dagger (vampiric)

William is a horror to look upon now. Aside from a body riddled with angry welts and scars, his body has patches, spots and strips of troll flesh that helps heal wounds and has distorted his humanity. Already pushed to the limits, he either snapped or ran into a muddled insanity.

He has taken his military know how and begun to form ranks with the goblin wandering parties.

Troll Eater – to the goblins and orcs.

No TROLL will work with William… due to that fact that he keeps a partially functional troll as snack food, although normally able to regenerate, William has the troll’s functions so impaired that between his feedings its barely able to regenerate its lost portions.


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