After the Long Night

Xou's Heroic Triumph - Original Far Afield

The party decides on a little light labor. Fending off a minor goblin raiding group who were raiding a twin outpost setup.

After tracking the goblins back to the dilapidated mage’s tower, they surpised the goblins and dispatched them.

During their recovery period, a raiding party of Derro – who have been displaced by a vengeful returning Drow war party, have come to the surface.

We start off with the group being lead back into a cavern in which the Goblins have been busily storing and sorting (?) their spoils. Complete with pens for livestock and crops packaged for storage. The party is herded into a stone shaped corral. Wherein Xou sets down for a good rest… to be disturbed by Akarai who attempts to wield the “Jesus Sword” to attempt to cut through the rock. Meanwhile Ms. Strange wails on regarding Cass’s “obvious” plight of missing his one true love, that another great tragedy has arisen for star crossed lovers. Despite the sword antics, the stuffy room, and piteous wails of a semi deranged love sick sorceress – Xou gets into a meditative state … communing with nature.

Meanwhile Guru is pulled out of the cell and questioned about the surrounding world, where are the forces, where are the dwarven mines near here, etc. etc.

As the sun rises the Derro are increasingly confused, surely they are under attack.. the world is on fire! Xou does some impressive BS’ing and convinces the Derro that he can help protect them from the attack to come.

Xou knows that it will be unearthly difficult to save his entire party from the Derro’s Army of mages and fighters. However he cunningly tricks them using his knack and masterful skill in the arts of Nature. Xou expertly convinces the Derro’s entire Offensive force to assemble well in range of his prepared spell.He brings his comrads close, unleashing the light of the sun, blinding all but a single, degenerate, Derro.

Fleeing from the Derro, and their Elemental sent to destroy them. Xou goes from town to town warning them of the impending attack… mobilized by the bravery of Xou the towns separate their grave differences and rejoice in there knowledge of what to come, wait and wait,.... and wait for the destruction to come.

Soon messengers are dispatched to Deception to make them aware of the impending attack and route to the underworld.

Amid fanfare and pomp… well a couple of hardy handshakes.. the party is hailed as heroes, a plot against the two outpost is uncovered and the compliant town official is stripped of position, wealth, and put into stocks… wherein he is made to laugh until he is barely conscious.

They are given pick of one of his most prized possessions, a signet ring, a magical suit of scalemail, or a 10% share of his accumulated wealth.

Choosing the Armor they head back to Deception where Xou is approached to join an order of Druids… who are a militant faction… intent on repopulating the earth with the blood of aberrations, goblins and the like who brought upon the land this blight.

Upon Returning to Deception the party takes a few days to update their skills, appraise their war goods gathered from the goblins and recuperate from their adventures.

The Job Board contains the following:

  1. Try their luck against a Wizards defenses … he’s happily asking for someone to steal from him ?!? It seems that he has infact STOLEN three weapons from some aristocrats who offer rewards for their heirloom’s return
  2. Find the Heir apparent that seems to have been taken.
  3. Contact (subtle wording for possibly destroy?) a band of creatures who are attacking all humans in the western mountains.
  4. Fend off some Bandit raids
    Fend off goblin attacks
  5. Join a attack party to seal and take the fight to the Derro
  6. Join the caravan heading South – now with % profit share
  7. Elves want to setup trade with disconnected elven nation
    And of course….
  8. Druid wanted
  9. Druid wanted
  10. Druid wanted
  11. Druid wanted
  12. Druid wanted
  13. Druid wanted (if only the Guild weren’t suck sticklers about getting their share)


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