After the Long Night

The Backstory

Picking up the pieces

The long night has finally been broken, and in the light of the days that follows humanity struggles to reassert a culture. Much of the land lays dead under the melt of snow, and the sparse vegetation that remains is sickly and starved.

Druids are the power in the land now, for their healing touch every royal and commoner demand. Too few are given the gift to raise the forests after the years of darkness.

The demons have fled, the dark elves sent back into their caves. Powerful magics lay mired in the putrid mud of battlefields…

The Great Circle of Ruling attempts to reclaim its hold on the broken dutchys and provinces – however the circle’s true leadership was from a shadow conclave of sorceresses and wizards – now dead.

The church of Iuz and Zugtomy – once fattened with followers hoping to stave of illnesses and seeking to sustain themselves on Zugtomy’s fungi are falling away. New religions (and false prophets) are riding the winds of change.

The elven nation lays shattered after the Drow’s assault, rumors of corrupted elves flitter on dark wings. The Silvanesti’s cousin elves, the fabled High Elves have come on their fantastic living ships from far across the world sea – summoned by the Lost Paladin of Meliki. With them, they have brought a bound and subjugated race of creatures, the halfling – although there were a few halflings around, these halflings are not the the carefree, capricious spirits – more like thralls and pets.

While those in the scattered Elven nation ask themselves “Did The Lost Paladin Survive?”, the new Elves, these uncommon elves whose thin, over 7 foot tall frames make it so easy to distinguish themselves from their “lesser” cousins – continue to claim land once held by Humans, continue to collect and rumor has it kill half elves and even some of the non Silvanesti elves.

The death of Margett the ecomancer – beloved of Meliki, has been punctuated by the Holy Mother Tree’s that towers over the still proud mixing bowl of Demi-Human cultures, town of Deception. The town besieged during the Long Night and the lead border fort for skirmishes against the demons and drow, has now become the safe haven of semi human and non noblis elves – the mecca of cross breeds. bring unity or be the cause of the next war?

What happened to the heroes at Tav Barrit? What of the Wheel of Night? What of the Spears?


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